Multi Champion Royal Jewel of South Wind Kalyani

Sexe : Femelle                      Ne Le : 01/03/2000

Pere :

Multi Champion Paddy Boy of Enrale

Mere :

Multi Champion Aemgor Sterre V/H Stellegors


Parents GrandParents A-GrandParents
Ch.Paddy Boy of Enrale


Ch.Baileborough Prince


Special Boy


Commer Maid


Maiden Fair


Feohanagh Mitch


Baile An Easpaig Queen


Ch.Aemgor Sterre V/H Stellegors


Ch.Madach Jack The Lad at Malsville


Eversley Patrick


Madach Apple Jack


Emma Ebonah of Megh-Morran


Ginger's Boomer


Ch.Aengus Hannah of Megh-Morran


Titres Obtenus :

Champion de France

Champion International

Champion de Luxembourg